aerospace company management

May 25, 2017
by: jtracy
Maury Carter, born in Ferrum, Virginia. My dad was a farmer and a carpenter. We had a small farm, 100 acre farm in Virginia not far from Roanoke. And I grew up on a farm with...
May 2, 2017
by: jtracy
Maury Carter: a developer who can view land in two ways populated and preserved, featured in Florida Magazine, April 22, 1990. Listen as Maury Carter discusses working in...
May 1, 2017
by: jtracy
"We were looking where to buy back in the 1970s," Carter says. "We divided Orlando into four quadrants, and the southeast area was not developed." Between the airport and...
April 27, 2017
by: jtracy
Well, when I got out of the Army I needed a job... finally I walked in the door [at Glenn L. Martin Company] and they hired me. I went in and a few minutes later I walked out...