Bill Buning

March 21, 2012
by: jtracy
The church was right downtown on Orange Avenue. Everything was right downtown…It had wonderful stained glass windows that have been saved all these many years and are still...
August 22, 2011
Photo of Bill Buning's grandchild in the kitchen at Saint James Cathedral in downtown Orlando.
July 28, 2011
Photo of Betsy Walders, center, dancing with Frank Sevick at Saint James Cathedral in downtown Orlando. Betsy Walders served in the Arts and Environment Ministry at Saint...
May 26, 2011
1944 photo of Bill Buning in England during WWII. First Lieutenant Buning served from 1942-1945 primarily in Europe. He was wounded in action at the Battle of Rhur and was...
May 14, 2011
Bill Buning of Orlando receives National Catholic Education Association Award. Article from Jubilee, St. James Cathedral parish newsletter, Februrary 1996, v. 22 #1.