Orlando Public Library - Remodeling 1st Floor
ABOVE: Staff member Angela Jacobe pitching in to help as the first floor collection was relocated to the 2nd floor to facilitate remodeling of the are now called "Library Central" and "Club Central". The remodeling of the Arts and Literature department...
Orange General Hospital
When Orange General Hospital opened in 1918 it was the first full service hospital in the county. It had 50 rooms and the most modern equipment available. Although many people believe it is a city or county facility, the hospital...
Gary Eugene Tolley
The Funeral Notice and Obituary of Gary Eugene Tolley appeared in the Orlando Sentinel Home Edition, page 5C, on 12 September 1973. Persons mentioned in the Obituary and Funeral Notice include: Gayl Tolley, Miss Gina Tolley, Miss Laura Tolley, Miss Shaun...