Lovett's Food Store
ABOVE: Photo of Lovett's Food Store building across the street on Robinson Street at Rosalind Avenue, which later became the George Stuart Office Supply store in Orlando for many years. Photo of construction of a two story law office in downtown...
WWII Veteran Jerry Kinsley and daughter Patricia
Photo of WWII Veteran Jerry Kinsley with daughter, Patricia, in Orlando, Florida. They are standing in front of a Buick he bought from a dealer on Oakridge Road. It was wartime so cars were not in production, but the government released...
WWII Veteran Jack W. Cropp Interview
Interview with WWII Veteran Jack W. Cropp at Delaney Street Baptist Church in Orlando, FL, May 30, 2010, Memorial Day. Veteran Cropp served in the U.S. Army in WWII and the Korean War.  He was a Staff Sergeant. He shares his memories...