Bertina Busch
Pine Hills Community Council member Bertina Busch talks about the Pine Hills neighborhood of Orlando and her memories of the area in this January 7, 2013 video interview at the Hiawassee Branch Library with library manager Ken Gibert. Bertina Busch WATCH ...
Emilio Gonzalez
Emilio Gonzalez shares his memories of the Pine Hills area and relates his involvement in community improvement initiatives in this January 7, 2013 interview at Hiawassee Branch Library with librarian Shasta Quinn.       PART 1   -   PART...
Joan Ricketts
Orlando resident Joan Ricketts talks about her memories of living in the Pine Hills neighborhood on January 7, 2013 at the Hiawassee Branch Library. WATCH the video interview.    The Grace United Methodist Church was located at 4845 Silver S...