Interview with Hurley Suggs and Gerald Eberly
Hurley Suggs and Gerald Eberly are both long-time residents of the Orlo Vista area of Orlando. Mr. Suggs has lived here his entire life and was a barber. Mr. Eberly has lived in the area since he was 21 and...
Interview with Linda Campbell
Linda Campbell was originally born in Jamaica and moved to the UK when she was 10. In 2010 she moved to Winter Garden, FL. Even in the time she has been in the Orlando area, she has noticed changes to...
Interview with Giovanni Perez
Giovanni Perez is an Orlando Resident who moved to Florida from Maryland in 2004. He works at Disney where he enjoys creating magical moments for visiting children and their families. Interview with Giovanni Perez
Interview with Jonnie M. Houston
Jonnie Mae Houston was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. She lived throughout the city, but grew up in the Parramore area. She has seen many changes in the area over the years. Jonnie Houston Interview
Interview with Kathy Beyers
Kathy Beyers was born and raised in the city of Winter Garden. She worked for Disney before moving to Los Angeles, CA for work in the film industry. She recalls growing up in Winter Garden and working in Disney during...