John L. Tracy: A Patriot
Born on September 7th, 1927, John L. Tracy was too young to enlist in the military for World War II. But as soon as he was of age, he entered the U.S. Armed Forces because he wanted to serve his...
Aeronautical Engineer Charlie French
Please click on this link for information on aeronautical engineer, Raymond Holliday French, Jr. - know to coworkers and friends as Charlie French. Variously known as Skip, Charlie, Charlie Hop Jr., Timer, and by a select few, Chuck. Raymond Holliday F...
Dr. Benjamin W. Patz, Martin Marietta Company
1967 photo of Dr. Benjamin W. Patz, center, in a meeting with Martin engineers, management, and research scientists on the Solar Probe Project at Martin Marietta in Orlando, Florida. Dr. Phil Gregory, engineer, is seated  to the far left. Dr. Donald Bea...