"See All Florida This Year: Plan Your Stay Thru May"
Florida Junior Chamber of Commerce promotional which appeared in the Tampa Tribune, October 1, 1933, welcoming winter visitors to stay in Florida thru May. The promotional ad appeared on sign boards and posters sponsored by the Florida Junior Chamber o ... Read more
Viola A. Fosgate
Viola and her husband, real estate salesman Charles Francis Fosgate moved to Orlando from Boston in 1919 along with the other Fosgate brothers, Chester Crawford Fosgate (citrus grower) and Stanley P. Fosgate, drawn  here by their father, Leo E. Fosgate . ... Read more
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Serros, St. James Parishioners
ABOVE:  Photo of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Serros at Saint James Cathedral in downtown Orlando, January 9th, 2011. Robert Serros is an Orlando native and has been a member of St. James Church all his life. His wife Carolyn became a member after moving to Orla ... Read more
Robert Serros, St. James Parishioner
Interview with Orlando native Bob Serros at the "Sneak Preview" for the restored Saint James Cathedral in downtown Orlando, November 13th, 2010. Mr. Serros was baptized in the original wooden church and recalls, "the murals in the chapel which were par ... Read more