OPL Expansion Plans and Construction Photos 1982-1985
ABOVE: April 20, 1983, looking Northeast with the 1966 OPL in the top right corner. Expansion of the 60,000 square foot 1966 Orlando Public Library was planned even before it opened on August 7, 1966, however, the people of Orlando probably didn't think i ... Read more
OPL Under Construction 1964-1966
ABOVE: Photo taken December 1, 1965, looking southeast from the AT&T building on Wall Street. Notice how close the new library is to the former Salvation Army Citadel in the lower right corner of the photo. Also, visible is the former staff lounge cal ... Read more
Colonial High School 1966 Yearbook
ABOVE: Page 236 in the 1966 Colonial High School yearbook really takes long time Orlando natives back to the good old days of AM radio in Orlando with an advertisement for WLOF Channel 95. Back in the day it was said that the call letters stood for We Lov ... Read more