The Easter Cross at St. Michael's Church
Above: the Easter Cross with fresh flowers, an Easter tradition at Saint Michael's Episcopal Church in College Park. ABVOE: Julia, William, and Kay Shuman decorate the Easter cross with flowers at Saint Michael's Church in College Park, Easter 1986. E ... Read more
Saint James Cathedral: Come to Learn, Leave to Serve
Children engaged in learning at Saint James Cathedral at the corner of Robinson Street and Orange Avenue in downtown Orlando, photo circa 1970s. Photo courtesy of the Mario Mesa Photo Archives. SEARCH using term "St. James" for ... Read more
Princeton Elementary 5th Grade Class, 1950-51
Princeton Elementary School fifth graders pose for a photo in front of the school on Princeton Street in College Park, 1950-51 school year. Seated in the first row are the Bell twins, Eleanor Bell, center and fifth from the left, and Patricia Bell, sec ... Read more
Christmas at Saint James Cathedral, 1984
1984 Christmas photo of parishioners Mark and Donna Smithberger with daughter Brandi at Mass at Saint James Cathedral in downtown Orlando. Photo courtesy of the Mario Mesa Photo Archives.   View additional photos below. ... Read more