Historic West Orange County
The following photographs belonged to long time Central Florida residents Rollo and Minnie Thoren. They were found after the passing of their son John, and shared with library staff for inclusion on Orlando Memory. Minnie Thoren is the sister of beloved ... Read more
Henry A. Porter
Henry A. Porter This material may not be suitable for all ages.  Please review it with discretion.  For further information, please review our Content Disclaimer. Henry A. Porter is one of six brothers who were born and raised in Conway. H ... Read more
Pine Castle Pioneer Days Local History Presentations on February 22, 2020
Pine Castle Pioneer Days, February 2020, magazine featuring cover art by local artist Mark Baird. As noted in the magazine, his original artwork depicts Will Harney's original Pine Castle on the shores of Lake Conway... Enjoy these speaker highli ... Read more
Oral History Interview with The Honorable Linda Chapin, Part II of II
"Growing Concern" by Linda Chapin Reprinted with Permission from The Orlando Sentinel, Sunday, July 31, 2005. The second oral history interview with The Honorable Linda Chapin on October 28, 2019 at the Orlando Public Library. In this second meeting we ... Read more
The Pioneers of Lake Pineloch presented by Joy & Richard Fox, Orlando Remembered 2019
The trip from primitive land to a residential community took 100 years. It involved Indian trails, land speculators, northerners with health problems, and citrus farms that survived freezes, recessions, and a depression. Richard Fox used old aerial photog ... Read more
Oral History Interview with Robert K. Banks
Photo: Jesse Bumby, Jr. seated with his family, first daughter, with Tom Bumby, and his two children, Tommy and Faye. Jesse Bumby, Jr. has his ten foot bullwhip made by Lewis Johnson which is now at the Orange County Regional History Center. Photo courte ... Read more
Howard Phillips
The firstborn son of  Dr. Philip Phillips, Howard served as president of Dr. Phillips, Inc. and a director on the board of the Jacksonville Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. As a philanthropist he  founded the Committee of 100 and the Cent ... Read more
Viola A. Fosgate
Viola and her husband, real estate salesman Charles Francis Fosgate moved to Orlando from Boston in 1919 along with the other Fosgate brothers, Chester Crawford Fosgate (citrus grower) and Stanley P. Fosgate, drawn  here by their father, Leo E. Fosgate . ... Read more
Frank W. Chase, Sr. - Citrus grower
Born (1908) and raised in Sanford, Florida, Frank W. Chase, Sr., tells of riding up and down Florida's rivers on steam driven paddle boats; narrow and standard  gauge trains; air plane rides; and Florida's citrus industry. This interview was conducted ... Read more
Interview with Fred Houk
Oral history interview with long time citrus professional and Central Florida resident Fred Houk with Orange County Library System staff member Nick Martinolich on October 20, 2009. Mr. Houk passed away on August 16, 2011. VIEW his obituary. Mr. Houk ... Read more