Pine Castle Woman's Club Fifth Grade Essay Contest 2017
Students participating in the Pine Castle Woman's Club Fifth Grade Essay Contest for 2017 wrote on the theme: When I grow up I will be a good citizen by.... Randolph Russell, a world class musician, played America the Beautiful on his saxophone. LIS ... Read more
Oral History Interview with Donovan Dean
I'm Patrick Donovan Dean born here in Orlando General Hospital 28 September '39. I was born here, but during the war my folks moved to Lakeland. My father, Donovan Dean, was an architect, and became the base engineer for the military base in Lakeland. The ... Read more
1937 Social Register of Orlando
The introductory page in the 1937 Social Register of Orlando states: "The Social Register of Orlando has been compiled primarily for the benefit of subscribers. The attention of all whose names have been omitted is called to this fact." The register l ... Read more
Pine Castle Woman's Club Fifth Grade Essay Contest 2016
Winners of The 2016 Pine Castle Woman's Club Fifth Grade Essay Contest were celebrated at a luncheon hosted by the Pine Castle Woman's Club on April 13, 2016. Students wrote original essays on the theme: If I Could Teach the History of Our Orange County ... Read more
Oral History Interview with William L. Eagan
The University Club of Orlando... is an integral part of the history of Orlando. Listen as Orlando attorney William L. Eagan and his wife, Marjorie, share their memories of The University Club and our community in this oral history interview at The Unive ... Read more
The University Club of Orlando
The University Club of Orlando Featured photo, above, dated January 16, 1941. Caption: This picture shows every president of the University Club of Orlando since it was organized in 1925. The picture was taken in the club rooms at the Angebilt Hotel recen ... Read more
Salvation Army - Advisory Board Annual Meeting
This is the program for the May 17, 1966 Advisory Board Annual Meeting of the Salvation Army in Orlando. In "A Message from the Chairman", W. C. Johnson states: The Salvation Army's tradition of service to the troubled men, women and children of this c ... Read more