Mrs. Barbara Ellen Dann Lemay
I was 9 months old when my parents moved to 1203 West Smith Street in College Park. I grew up and we had such a wonderful neighborhood. Everybody knew everybody and it was such an exciting time... LISTEN Part I (7:52)  (text excerpts from recordin ... Read more
The Reverend Canon Nelson Wardell Pinder
ABOVE:  Walter Hawkins and Father Pinder at the Dr. Jerry B. Callahan Exhibit Dedication Ceremony on February 20, 2013. The Reverend Canon Nelson Wardell Pinder (Father Pinder), Rector Emeritus of The Episcopal Church of St. John the Baptist, gave the I ... Read more
Critical Thinking with Pat and Edee Greene
Pat Greene of Urban Rethink tells us how his grandmother Orlando Sentinel editor, columnist, and groundbreaking reporter, Edee Greene taught him critical thinking skills: She got the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Fort Lauderdale paper, and ... Read more
Remembering Norbert
Norbert Dorsey lived his sermons as well as preached them. There was never a kinder gentleman who always was gracious and kind, and for my family, he will be sadly missed. God bless you, Norbert. You were a true servant of God on Earth, and I know heaven ... Read more
Most Reverend Nobert M. Dorsey December 14, 1929 - February 21, 2013
Above photo: Photo of Bishop Dorsey at Saint James Cathedral in downtown Orlando. Diocese of Orlando tribute to the life of Bishop Dorsey. Read the tribute. Bishop Norbert M. Dorsey served as Bishop of Orlando from May 25, 1990 until his retirement on ... Read more
Bishop Norbert Dorsey
Orlando Magazine, April 1996 interview with Bishop Norbert Dorsey. The Most Reverend Norbert M. Dorsey, served as Bishop of Orlando from May 25, 1990 until his retirement on November 13, 2004. Bishop Dorsey passed away in Orlando on February 21, 201 ... Read more