Orlando Army Air Force Base
THE ORLANDO ARMY AIR FORCE BASE September 1940 ABOVE: Orlando Morning Sentinel - Air Base Edition, August 31, 1940. VIEW the 24-page Air Base Edition Servicemen with photographs in the Air Base Edition: Captain Charles A. Bassett, Captain Dudley D. Ha ... Read more
Margaret Ekdahl - "Miss America 1930"
Margaret Ekdahl - Florida's first "Miss America" While there has been much controversy surrounding her title, there was no doubt about the beauty of Margaret Ekdahl. Born in Sweden in 1912, Margaret and her family arrived in Orlando in 1926. Known as ... Read more
Betty Wheeler, St. James Cathedral Parishioner
ABOVE: Orlando native Betty Wheeler at Saint James Cathedral in downtown Orlando March 18th, 2011. Elizabeth Cangelose was born just down the street from St. James at Orlando General Hospital on Orange Avenue. It was wartime and her mother, Corrie Rhodes ... Read more