Dr. Patz on Computers at the Cape
Working at the Cape you get to do a lot of different kinds of stuff. I remember... an ocean group that was part of the Cape and they said, "You know these capacitors could explode." Of course, they didn't know what they were talking about and so the other ... Read more
Dr. Patz on Computers at the Naval Training Equipment Center
ABOVE: Photo of Dr. Benjamin Patz, computer engineer, electrical engineer, research scientist. I was teaching some classes for the Naval Training Equipment Center and they were interested in the VAX which was VAX top of the line... At that time I think mo ... Read more
Orange Groves, Rattlesnakes, and a Lynching
ABOVE IMAGE: 1967 photo of Dr. Benjamin W. Patz, center, in a meeting with Martin engineers, management, and research scientists on the Solar Probe Project at Martin Marietta in Orlando, Florida. Dr. Phil Gregory, engineer, is seated to the far left. D ... Read more