Footnotes 1966-1970
ABOVE: Young Adult program, mentioned in the March 1970 Footnotes, featuring OPD K-9 Squad members Conrad Kilian, Charles Gibson, D.A. O'Dell and Karate demonstration by OPD Sgt. Bill Liquori (2nd from left), Jimmie Swett, Alana Jones, and William Lutz. ... Read more
Friends of the Library Association - Organized March 1949
In the beginning The 1973 history of the Friends of the Library (above) records the beginnings of the group. Due to the enthusiastic efforts of Zonta Club, the Friends of the Library of Orlando came into being in 1949. The Winter Park-Orlando Zonta Club ... Read more
ABOVE: The Friends sponsored Ye Olde Book Sale each year to raise money for library equipment. This photo is one of the book sales at the Winter Park Mall which was located on Hwy. 17-92 between Webster and Gay Road. The Friends of the Orange County Li ... Read more