Carey Hand Funeral Home
Carey Hand Funeral Home Still a major name in Orlando’s funerary business, the Carey Hand Funeral Home got its start in the early 20th century. The story of the Carey Hand Funeral Home starts with Elijah Hand, Carey Hand’s father and the first emb ... Read more
Historic Orlando
ABOVE: The Orlando Opera House. The Opera House was located on Court Street in the middle of block between Pine and Church streets and across from Richards Undertaker business. It can be found on the 1884 Orlando Business District map. Explore the history ... Read more
The Halcyon Days of Orlando - Dann Pottinger
I'm Dann Pottinger and I'm from Orlando, one of those rare creatures that spent all my life here... My career being in the banking business. I was the founder and president of First State Financial and also president later of Commercial State Bank...I ope ... Read more