Oral History Interview with Attorney Jim Robinson
My name is James C. Robinson, I'm Jim Robinson, I'm from Rock Hill, South Carolina. My family moved here in about 1925 and I was just a little boy. After I started school, I went to Hillcrest Elementary School two years and then the family moved to Conway ... Read more
James Carson Robinson - Jim Robinson
Jim Robinson was born in Rock Hill, South Carolina and became an Orlando citizen when his father brought his family to Florida in 1926. Jim attended Hillcrest Elementary School for the first two years and was in the class with a cute little blonde named ... Read more
La Coterie Club
La Coterie was a club formed of couples from the First United Methodist Church, Orlando Florida.  They built a clubhouse on two lots adjacent to Lake Conway, land given to them by "Aunt Molly" Randall. The Coterie Club held a housewarming party for th ... Read more