VetFest USA 2014 - Rosie O'Grady's 40th Anniversary
Held at the Underfour Church Street Amphitheater at Bob Snow Lane on Labor Day weekend 2014, Vet Fest USA was a production of Snow & Associates and Team Market Group to support veterans' groups through fundraiser ticket donations. Ticket sales support ... Read more
Church Street Station - Marketing
Church Street Station marketing pieces were always classy, informative and exciting! These are a few samples of marketing pieces -- some were mailers, some were free to take home to share with friends and family or keep as souvenirs. ABOVE Featured ... Read more
Church Street Station
Church Street Station - One Family Remembers July 19, 2004 marked the 30th anniversary of the opening of Rosie O'Grady's Good Time Emporium on Church Street in downtown Orlando. July 19, 1974 marked the beginning of a marvelous adventure the likes of whi ... Read more