Albertson Public Library - Bookmobile
A proposal for the addition of a bookmobile was presented to the board of the Albertson Public Library by the Orange County Chamber of Commerce in early 1949. Photo of bookmobile wrapped up with note: To You, Merry Christmas, From Your Public Library. ... Read more
New Year's Day Reception at the Chamber, 1941
ABOVE: Mayor William Beardall from program for the dedication of Beardall Park. Several thousand winter visitors and permanent citizens greeted Mayor and Mrs. William Beardall and other public and civic officials at the annual New Year's reception held a ... Read more
Orlando Brief - Orlando Chamber of Commerce circa 1939
ABOVE: Photograph looking west on Central Boulevard. The Albertson Public Library is the third large structure on the north side of Central with the Chamber of Commerce Building above it in the photo. Beyond Magnolia, you can see the old red brick court h ... Read more