Christmas Sharing at the Country Club
PLAYING SANTA CLAUS TO ORLANDO'S NEEDY KIDDIES: Wives of Junior Chamber of Commerce members who spent the entire day Thursday shopping for toys for the children who have written letters to the Good Fellows. They are standing with Claude Wolfe, president o ... Read more
Christmas Luncheon, 1934
Orlando Chamber of Commerce hosts a Luncheonless Lunch to bring Christmas presents to needy families in Orlando, December 15, 1934. Each year Orlando enjoys a luncheonless lunch... Every member of Orlando's numerous civic organizations, is not only inv ... Read more
The Tunnel
ABOVE: Concord Park Elementary School When Katherine Beasley went to Concord Park Elementary School what fascinated her was the tunnel. Students coming from the Country Club area of Orlando walked through an underpass or "The Tunnel", as most called it, ... Read more
Jack Branham, Sr.
Jack Branham, Sr. is remembered as one of Orlando's most respected businessmen.  During World War I he served in the Navy, then attended Rollins College.  After a stint in the automobile business he joined with Richard Tucker  to form Tucker & Bran ... Read more
Jerry Kinsley and Bill Spivey at Orlando Country Club
ABOVE: Photo of a company dinner with attorneys and bankers at the Country Club of Orlando. Jerry Kinsley, builder, is seated third from right, followed by his wife Elizabeth Kinsley. Bill Spivey, steel contractor, is seated at the head of the table with ... Read more