Orlando Newspapers
The history of newspapers in Orlando features prominently in books written about  the history of Orlando and Orange County by William Fremont Blackman and E. H. Gore. Blackman's book History of Orange County Florida  written in 1925, 22 years prior t ... Read more
Critical Thinking with Pat and Edee Greene
Pat Greene of Urban Rethink tells us how his grandmother Orlando Sentinel editor, columnist, and groundbreaking reporter, Edee Greene taught him critical thinking skills: She got the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Fort Lauderdale paper, and ... Read more
Martin Andersen
Four part interview with Mr. Martin Andersen and his wife Gracie Barr Anderson. Martin Andersen, publisher of the Orlando Sentinel, and his wife Gracia Barr Andersen discuss their lives in Orlando. PART 1: Coming to Orlando - first impressions; ear ... Read more