Oral History Interview with Scientist and Intrapreneur Dr. Sudhakar "Shan" Shanbhag
My father comes up and stops immediately... He says, "You boys, don't you think it's a good idea, you work very hard, get good grades, get your diploma, your high school degree, then go to college, you study hard, get good grades and get your degree, the ... Read more
Oral History Interview with Physicist and Principal Scientist Dr. David E. Flinchbaugh
Building the Lunar Laser for Apollo 11: I was one of the founders of Orlando Research Corporation which was a laser manufacturer right here in Orlando. And so, we made our mark in history for a little while… I actually built that laser by hand. And wh ... Read more
Oral History Interview with Industrial Engineer Joseph P. Stine
My name is Joe Stine or Joseph Paul Stine I was born in Sanford, Florida in 1934. We moved to Orlando in 1939. Oral History Interview with Joseph Paul Stine, Part I  (18:10) How did your ... Read more
Oral History Interview with Martin Inventor David L. Emmons
Featured photo above: Colleagues from Martin Marietta enjoy dinner together at Julian's Dining Room, circa 1980. Pictured second from the left, McDonald Wiggins - Martin communications, Julian Rentro - Martin patent attorney, and David Emmons - Martin inv ... Read more