Hot Diggity Drive-In & Restaurant
The Hot Diggity Drive-In Restaurant was a short lived food establishment overlooking Lake Barton. It first appears in the November 1956 telephone directory, but there was not a listing in the Yellow Pages. The address at that time was 5053 Santa Rosa Driv ... Read more
Ronnie's Restaurant
As remembered by L. O'Connor, age 55 January 21, 2009. Ronnie's Restaurant How enjoyable it was to visit this unique establishment near Colonial Plaza in the 60's and 70's.  The design and decor was a throwback to the 50's.  There was a restaurant on ... Read more
Favorite Restaurants
Do you remember Gary's Duck Inn, Chastains, Meiner's Barbecue, Ronnie's, Gabriel's subs, Rossi's Pizzeria, Lee's Lakeside, the luncheon counters at McCrory's Downtown and in the Winter Park Mall? Share your memories in the comments below.   RO ... Read more