Oral History Interview with Betty Robinson
Oral history interview with Orlando native Elizabeth Thornton Robinson, (Betty Robinson), at her home on Lake Conway, September 9, 2016. My name is Betty Robinson, at least that's what I've been called all my life. I was christened Marie Elizabeth Thornt ... Read more
The Rosalind Club
ABOVE: Image of the Rosalind Club at 11 North Rosalind Avenue circa 1919. In the Beginning - 1894 According to an article in the February/March 1974 edition of the "Central Scene" magazine entitled, Rosalind - The Sweetheart of Orlando, "Mrs. Cecil G. But ... Read more
Agnes Person and Jean Person Floyd
Agnes Person (Orlando) and Jean Person Floyd (Leesburg) were interviewed by Hatabel Hyer on December 1, 1971, for her Pioneer Party Line project.  Hatabel Hyer refers to these sisters as representative of the backbone of the early community.  They were ... Read more
Every Sunday We Were at the Church
ABOVE: Bishop Laultel in the Altar Guild Sacristry at Saint Michael's Episcopal Church in College Park, circa 1960. Well, it's been a part of my life like breathing. It's just so much a part it is like another digit in the hand. You don't think about it. ... Read more