Sanlando Springs, 1934
Ninth and tenth grade boys and girls from Saint James Church in downtown Orlando enjoy nature and good fun on a day trip to Sanlando Springs in Seminole County. Swimming and picnics at the springs were for many the highlight of school break and weekend b ... Read more
Almsgiving, a Lenten Tradition
ABOVE featured photo: Pictured front and center are Kelly Wilkes, age 2, with her mother, Jean Wilkes, holding her hand and Tom Wilkes, center, walking towards his wife. Several parishioners are carrying paper bags with food donations for the poor in our ... Read more
Saint James Cathedral: Come to Learn, Leave to Serve
Children engaged in learning at Saint James Cathedral at the corner of Robinson Street and Orange Avenue in downtown Orlando, photo circa 1970s. Photo courtesy of the Mario Mesa Photo Archives. SEARCH using term "St. James" for ... Read more
"St. James has deep, deep roots in the culture of the Orange County community..."
ABOVE: 1972 photo of Fr. Domingo Gonzalez with the Cursillo group. Fr. Domingo Gonzalez was the first Hispanic priest at St. James and at one time St. James was the only church in Orlando that provided a Catholic Mass in Spanish for the Hispanic communi ... Read more
Around the Block
ABOVE: Photo of the home built by Mr. Clarence Marsh at 315 Cathcart Avenue in downtown Orlando. In 1980  the family of the late Clarence Marsh arranged for his home at 315 Cathcart Avenue in Orlando to be sold to St. James Cathedral for the priests to ... Read more
The Musical Life of Sister Mary Catherine Brennan
ABOVE: 1980's photo of Sister Mary Catherine Brennan who was the Music Director at Saint James Cathedral in downtown Orlando for many years. Sister Mary Catherine Brennan served as Director of Music for Saint James Cathedral in downtown Orlando for many ... Read more
Palm Sunday at Saint James Cathedral, 1984
Palm Sunday at St. James Cathedral 1984. Photo of parishioners from St. James and St. Luke's Cathedral in the parking lot of Saint James Cathedral on Palm Sunday, April 15th 1984 in downtown Orlando. The parishioners are waving palms for Palm Sunday, th ... Read more
122 Years of Catholic Education in Orlando
ABOVE:  May 1894. Gold medal presented to St. Joseph Academy student, Ellen Mahoney of Sanford, Florida.  Side one: Awarded to Miss E. Mahoney for Good Conduct. Side two: St. Joseph's Academy Orlando, Fla. May '94 [1894]. ABOVE:  Photo of St. Jos ... Read more
Desegregation in Orange County Schools
Educator Mary Jane Sevick remembers the day her students cleared their lockers at Robinswood Junior High School in response to a court order to desegregate Carver and Robinswood Junior High Schools. Hear her firsthand account of the event and  the transi ... Read more
An Irish Priest in Orlando
ABOVE: Parish social event coordinator Elsee Smith prepares Father John McCormick for Saint Patrick's Day festivities in the Community Life Center at Saint James Cathedral in downtown Orlando. Oral history interview with Fr. John McCormick, Rector of St. ... Read more
Saint Patrick's Day at Saint James Cathedral
1982 photo of Saint Patrick's Day festivities in the Community Life Center at Saint James Cathedral in downtown Orlando. Fr. Page, Pastor of St. James Cathedral 1972-1986, envisioned a three level community center with an atrium for people to gather and ... Read more
The Irish Tinkers
The Irish Tinkers, a community of Irish gypsies, came through Orlando in the 1980s. Frank Sevick, Director of Religious Education at St. James Cathedral describes the nomadic lifestyle of these simple people and their welcome into the community. Lis ... Read more