Orlando Public Library Expansion 1982-1986
OPL Expansion from 60,000 to 290,000 square feet! From APL to OPL The Orlando Public Library was dedicated on Sunday, August 7, 1966, replacing the old Albertson Public Library which opened to the public on November 8, 1923. Compared to the old library, t ... Read more
Denali Moose Tracks 10,000 Ice Cream Scoop Challenge
On June 8th 2016, the Denali Moose Tracks 10,000 Ice Cream Scoop Challenge took place at the Orange County Regional History Center. Free scoops of Mayfield Dairy Farms Moose Tracks ice cream were given out to each member of the community who visited th ... Read more
Salvation Army - Advisory Board Annual Meeting
This is the program for the May 17, 1966 Advisory Board Annual Meeting of the Salvation Army in Orlando. In "A Message from the Chairman", W. C. Johnson states: The Salvation Army's tradition of service to the troubled men, women and children of this c ... Read more