Colonial High School 1963 Yearbook
ABOVE: Page 223 in the 1963 Colonial High School yearbook features four advertisements with photographs. Bob and Pat Jackson model the car they purchased from Rehse Motors at 249 Boone Street; Sandy Klein and Granville Salvay fill up at Phillips 66 at 430 ... Read more
Back To The Future Ride - Universal Studios Orlando
The Back to the Future ride at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida opened in May 1991 just across the lagoon from the "Jaws" ride. The ride was closed on 30 March 2007 to make way for the Simpsons ride. The premise for the ride is that Biff  has loc ... Read more
The Simpsons Ride at Universal Studios!
The Simpson's Ride Who would have thought that the popular hit television show - The Simpsons - would now be a smash ride at Universal Studios, Orlando in 2008? Certainly not I! I think this is something which defines Orlando as "NOW." The Simpsons, t ... Read more