Orlando Newspapers
The history of newspapers in Orlando features prominently in books written about  the history of Orlando and Orange County by William Fremont Blackman and E. H. Gore. Blackman's book History of Orange County Florida  written in 1925, 22 years prior t ... Read more
Historic Orlando
ABOVE: The Orlando Opera House. The Opera House was located on Court Street in the middle of block between Pine and Church streets and across from Richards Undertaker business. It can be found on the 1884 Orlando Business District map. Explore the histor ... Read more
The South Florida Sentinel - Orlando, Florida
ABOVE: Advertisement published in The South-Florida Sentinel on November 1, 1895, page 5. The Sells Brother's Circus - The Greatest Show On Earth! - merged with P. T. Barnum who retained the well-known slogan! For a long time, what we now call Central Fl ... Read more