The John Young House
What's it like to live in the house of a famous astronaut? George Williston shares some of the memorable stories of living in The John Young House at the College Park Historical Committee meeting on February 25, 2013. LISTEN  (14:20) [embed]http:// ... Read more
At the Launch: Eyewitness to Central Florida Space History
ABOVE: Dr. Benjamin Patz, computer engineer, electrical engineer, research scientist. At that time they were having launches, it seemed like a couple a week. There was a tremendous amount of launch activity. You could go out and you could see a launch. W ... Read more
Physicist Benedetti Witnessed First Missile Shot at Cape Canaveral
ABOVE: September 4th, 2011 photo of Vincent and Arline Benedetti at Saint James Cathedral in downtown Orlando. Benedetti describes the clear warm day on July 24, 1950 when he and his colleagues from the Naval Research Lab were invited to the Cape to watc ... Read more