Donald Hickman: Director of the Pershing Missile Project Oral History Interview
ABOVE: Colonel Quill in charge of Pershing Missile training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, General Boyle, Commander of the 56th Brigade, Donald Hickman, Pershing Program Manager for Martin Marietta Orlando, and Colonel William J. Fiorentino, Army Program Manager ... Read more
Pershing II Missile Cartoons Fire at Cape Tests, Martin Employees Fire Back!
Martin Marietta employees create a Pershing II Missile cartoon firing back at The Orlando Sentinel cartoons ridiculing Pershing II missile tests at Cape Canaveral. View series published in The Orlando Sentinel beginning with the Sentinel cartoons and endi ... Read more
Donald Hickman: Oral History Interview with the Director of the Pershing Missile Project
ABOVE: Donald Hickman, left, presents a Pershing model to Brigadier General William E. Sweet Pershing Commander in Europe. VIEW Article  The trade that President Reagan made was he'd take Pershing II's out of Europe if they would decommission all th ... Read more