The Duda Family
The Duda family arrived in central Florida in 1911 and bought 40 acres between Sanford and Oviedo.  After years of hard work Andrew Duda and his family's small farm grew to an international agricultural corporation and the small Slavac colony of Slavia, ... Read more
Interview with Rev. Dr. John F. Anderson, Jr.
John F. Anderson served as Senior Minister of the First Presbyterian Church of Orlando from December 1, 1958 until July 1965.  He left First Presbyterian to serve as Executive Secretary of the Board of National Ministries of the General Assembly.  True ... Read more
Interview with Mrs. Harlow G. Fredrick - Doris Z. Anderson
Doris Z. Anderson Fredrick (widow of the late Harlow G. Fredrick, Sr.) reminisces about the 1920s in Orlando, especially from the standpoint of music.  She was a great granddaughter of Joseph Smith, the martyr, and a member of the Reorganized Church of L ... Read more
Martin Andersen
Four part interview with Mr. Martin Andersen and his wife Gracie Barr Anderson. Martin Andersen, publisher of the Orlando Sentinel, and his wife Gracia Barr Andersen discuss their lives in Orlando. PART 1: Coming to Orlando - first impressions; ear ... Read more
Erna Achenbach
Mrs. Erna Achenbach was the founder and operator of one of the earliest and longest running pre-schools in central Florida, the Open Air School. She was interviewed by Eleanor Fisher on June 25, 1975 for the Friends of the Orlando Public Library's Oral Hi ... Read more