Tom Wilkes on Community, Stewardship & St. James Cathedral
ABOVE: Photo of the Wilkes family from the St. James Centennial 1885-1985 directory celebrating 100 years of St. James Catholic Cathedral in downtown Orlando. Pictured are Tom and Jean Wilkes with son Kevin and daughter Kelly. Tom Wilkes grew up in Col ... Read more
A Blessing for Downtown and Saint James Cathedral
ABOVE: 1984 Christmas photo of coffee and donuts in the atrium of the Cathedral Center after Mass at Saint James Cathedral in downtown Orlando. Photo courtesy of the Mario Mesa Photo Archives. The atrium of Saint James Cathedral is alive with children an ... Read more
Thanking God for the Blessings of Our Nation
ABOVE: 1984 photo of parishioners at Thanksgiving Mass at Saint James Cathedral in downtown Orlando. Pictured front and center are Kelly Wilkes, age 2, with her mother, Jean Wilkes, holding her hand and Tom Wilkes, center, walking towards his wife. Sev ... Read more
It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn
ABOVE: 1983 photo of Saint James School Principal Blanka Roberts, left, with Saint James Cathedral parishioners Fran Krehl and Frank Sevick at the anniversary celebration honoring Blanka's 25 years of outstanding service to the school and our community. ... Read more
Saint James Cathedral: a Legacy of Community Building
In 1978 downtown Orlando consisted of empty storefronts and an economic recession darkened the nation. It was at this critical point in the history of Orlando that Father David Page of St. James Cathedral envisioned expanding the church at the corner of O ... Read more
Saint James Cathedral Celebrates 125 Years of Orlando History
ABOVE: Photo of the interior of Saint James Cathedral in downtown Orlando, May 1974. St. James Cathedral celebrates 125 years in downtown Orlando with a reunion this weekend of priests, religious and parishioners. The church continues its service to the ... Read more