Oral History Interview with Dr. Bernard Albert Kahn
Bernie Kahn with his playmates in front of the veranda at 424 East Central. Bernie's brother, Bob Kahn, is pictured at the top and below him pictured from left to right are Jesse Wittenstein (Joe Wittenstein's son), Michael Tobias (Aunt Florence's son), D ... Read more
Walt Disney Unveils his Plans for Disney World - 1967 - Orlando Sentinel Star
On February 3, 1967, residents of Central Florida and people from around the world finally got to see and read about Walt Disney's vision for his Walt Disney World Resort to be located west of Orlando. A special section in the February 3, 1967 edition of ... Read more
Mrs. Saundra Gray Welcomes Mr. Walt Disney to Florida
Stunning Florida native and top flight water skier, Mrs. Saundra Gray welcomes Mr. Walt Disney to the Sunshine State. Pictured from left to right are Walt Disney, Saundra Gray, Charles Gray, and Florida Governor Haydon Burns. Orlando attorney Ch ... Read more