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Lecture: America’s Response to the Holocaust

“America’s Response to the Holocaust” a lecture by Ian Gold of Orange County Public Schools, October 10, 2013 at the Holocaust Memorial Resource & Education Center of Central Florida as part of the 75th Anniversary of Kristallnacht Schedule of Programs.

View the lecture program agenda provided by Ian Gold and listen to him speak in these audio recordings of the lecture:

Welcoming announcements, “Climate” in America Before the War, Immigration Laws, Anti-Semitism, Early Opportunities for Rescue, Evian Conference (July 1938)

LISTEN Part I (21:23)


Wagner-Rogers Bill (February-June 1939), Voyage of the St. Louis (May 1939), Obstruction of the State Department, Breckenridge Long, The “Paper Wall”, State Dept. Memo (June 1940), Restriction of Information (February 1943), U.S. Government’s Awareness of the Holocaust, Reigner Report (August 1942), Allied War Crimes Declaration (December 1942) 

LISTEN Part II (19:09)


The Bergson Group and Pressure on the U.S. Government, Ad campaigns, “We Will Never Die” pageant, Rabbi March on Washington (October 1943), “Rescue Revolution”, Help from the U.S. Government, Bermuda Conference (April 1943), “Rescue Resolution” Failure (November/December 1943).

LISTEN Part III (17:17)


Treasury Department Report (January 1944), War Refugee Board (January 1944), Displaced Persons Act of 1948, The FDR Debate, Could FDR and the U.S. Have Done More?, Why Didn’t FDR and the U.S. Do More?, Current Refugee Crises and the U.S. Response, Should the U.S. Get Involved?, Are There Lessons to be Learned from the U.S. Response to the Holocaust?

LISTEN Part IV (15:16)

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75th Anniversary of Kristallnacht

View of the interior of the Essenweinstrasse synagogue in Nuremberg following its destruction during Kristallnacht as pictured on the Central Florida ...

America's Response to the Holocaust

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