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St. Mary Magdalen Church – Celebrate Marriage Sunday

SMM first hosted CELEBRATE MARRIAGE SUNDAY at St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church at the 12 noon Mass on January 25, 2004. Father Ed Thompson presided over a special Mass for married couples.

During this special Eucharistic celebration, all couples are given the opportunity to renew their marriage vows. Special recognition is given to those married 5, 10 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, and 50 plus years. Our Catholic Parish Community singles out for high esteem the most recently married and the longest married at the 12:00 noon Mass. 

Photographs of the couples participating are included at Family Ministry section. James and Dorothy Charron participated in the Celebrate Marriage Sunday on 29 January 2006. The joy of that day quickly turned to horror as he was killed the following day by a red light runner.

Look at the photos below under Attachments. Click on the first image to begin the slide show. Be sure to read the caption.

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Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2004

2004 Celebrate Marriage Day Couples 65 Years - John and Rosalie D'Alboro 62 Years - Mary and Arthur Mohr, Jack and Celia Rube 60 Years...

Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2004 - D'Alboro

John and Rosalie D'Alboro - 65 Years

Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2004 - Rube

Jack and Celia Rube - 62 Years

Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2004 - Vargas and D'Alaboro

Most recently married-Rolando and Lisa Vargas longest married-John and Rosalie D'Alboro

Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2004 - Anderson

Married 50 years - Roy and Margaret Anderson

Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2004 - Birmingham

Married 50 years - John and Jean Birmingham

Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2004 - Swiatosz

Married 50 Years - Marge and Ed Swiatosz

Celebrate Marriage Sunday 2004 - Simmermacher

Married 45 Years - Peggy and George Simmermacher.

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