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College of New Jersey 1851-1852

Catalogue of the Officers and Students of the College of New Jersey 1851-1852, Princeton, N.J. Printed by John T. Robinson 1852. “Presented to Albertson library by H. J. Br_____ell 1912” written on bottom front cover in hand of Charles L. Albertson.

Surnames include:

TRUSTEES: Fort, Carnahan, McDowell, Comfort, Brown, Shippen, Phillips, Green, Condict, Elmer, Cooley, Lenox, Colt, Magie, Newkirk, Donaldson, Janeway, Johnston, Van Rensselaer, Pennington, Hodge, Green, Alexander, Olden, Neale

FACULTY: Rev. James Carnahan, Rev. John Maclean, Joseph Henry, John Torrey, Stephen Alexander, Rev. Matthew B. Hope, Rev. John Forsyth, Richard S. McCulloh, Georg Musgrave Giger, Rev. John T. Duffield, J. Stillwell Schanck, Frederick La Rue King, William H. Babbitt, Henry C. Cameron, Frederick Perrin, Hon. Joseph C. Hornblower, James S. Green, Richard S. Field.

STUDENTS attending the College hailed from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisana, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Delaware, District of Columbia, Arkansas, Missouri, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Germany and Ireland. One can not think about the year and wonder how many of these men eventually took up arms against the other in the Civil War.

SENIORS: Addams, Alexander, Armstrong, Ashley, Barr, Berry, Bynum, Cameron, Canfield, Carr, Chaney, Cole, Crane, Dorrance, Downs, Dull, Dunlop, Eckford, Eskridge, Feild, Freeman, Griffin, Hall, Helm, Hickman, Hinsdale, Hirsch, Hodge, Hynson, Ingraham, Jennison, Johns, Jones, Kelso, Kyle, Lw, Mackey, Magie, McCauley, McDonald, McRae, Mather, Minor, Moore, Morrison, Murray, Niles, Niven, Ogden, Patterson, Phelps, Phillips, Prudden, Rankin, Reardon, Rendall, Rood, Schultz, Shreve, Simonton, Smith, Spruance, Stavely, Steele, Stewart, Stonestreet, Studdiford, Texada, Thompson, Timlow, Torrey, Tucker, Turman, Van Pelt, Westcott, Williams, Woodhull, Woods, Yeomans.

JUNIORS: Alward, Avery, Belden, Black, Boyd, Brown, Buchanan, Carson, Clarke, Clark, Condict, Coleman, Dale, De Veuve, Dickson, Dilworth, Downs, Dulaney, Edwards, Erwin, Falls, Fraley, Gibson, Gordon, Groot, Gurnee, Haley, Hall, Halsted, Henderson, Henry, Hodge, Jemison, Jones, La Monte, Leaming, Lee, Levis, Lewis, Lowndes, Mason, Mather, McElhinny, McEwen, M’Ewen, McKeen, Mehaffey, Merchant, Meredith, Miles, Moale, Moore, Moores, Morehead, Murray, Paine, Parker, Percy, Pierson, Redmond, Rutledge, Sahler, Scarborough, Scharff, Schenck, Sholl, Simpson, Smith, Sterrett, Stirling, Torrey, Tunis, Tyler, Valliant, Dyke, Voorhees, Weller, Whitehead, Wilson, Wright.

SOPHOMORES: Alexander, Allen, Alston, Amerman, Anderson, Baker, Berrien, Brewster, Caffrey, Chandler, Clarke, Coleman, Condit, Conover, Cooke, Cumming, Custis, Darroch, Davison, Dayton, Dod, Edgar, Edmonds, Force, Forman, Gamble, Giles, Glatz, Goldthwaite, Green, Gurnee, Halsey, Hanan, Hewit, Higbee, Hollister, House, Hutchinson, Jessup, Kelsey, Kenner, Kimmel, Knapp, Lawrence, Lore, Malloy, McCord, McNitt, Mehaffey, Mikell, Morre, Morrison, Murrell, Myers, Nassau, Peyton, Pierson, Potter, Potts, Prince, Reid, Reynolds, Roll, Rowell, Smith, Soutter, Talley, Taylor, Thompson, Thornton, Vincent, Wadhams, Wakeman, Walker, Wallace, Wallace, Walworth, Wells, Wescott, Whitaker, White, Wikoff, Woodhull.

FRESHMEN: Bill, Chambers, Dunham, Evans, Hodge, King, Knox, Lee, Martn, McMurran, Moore, Mott, Robertson, Smith, Stanton, Steever, Stockton, Stuckey, Twells, Young.

The pdf of the catalog is large.

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College of New Jersey 1851-1852

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College of New Jersey 1851-1852

College "yearbook" from the Genealogy Collection at the Orlando Public Library.

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