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Orlando High School Class of 1927

The Senior Class of 1927 from Orlando High School, sometimes called Orlando Senior High School, celebrated many reunions here in Orlando. Robert J. Kieser along with many of his former classmates and his wife Elizabeth S. Stalder (Class of 1930), attended the 50th and 60th Reunions.

The Kieser’s children, Bob Kieser and Betty Jo Stockton, donated the reunion memory books, newspaper clippings, and several editions of  Las Memorias yearbooks to the library.

The 50th Reunion edition of Las Memorias includes details of the 1977 event at the Kahler Plaza Hotel and a reprint of the program from the commencement exercises of the June 3, 1927 graduation.

The 60th Reunion memory book lists the Class of 1927 members under these three different headings.

Students: Merton J. Austin, Ora Canada Baker, LeRoy Barnett, Louise Cullen Burns, Thomas Butt, Albert Church, Alex Daley, Bernard DeWitt, William Doerr, Louise Harbin Donaldson, Ted Dresen, Alice Rogers Engdahl, Mildred McLain Feuerbacher, W. C. Ford, Lola Franklin Poncia, Gunter Hancock, Ernest Hardy, Virginia Crenshaw Howard, Elilzabeth Huppel Barton, Louise Oates Hutcherson, Thomas James, Ruth Jernigan, Sam S. Jones, Frank Karel, Harry Kazarian, Kenneth Lawson, Charlotte Layton Ezzard, Mary Lamar Jackson Marshall, Ruth Meitlin, Harold Metzinger, Kenneth Miller, Louise Ringhausen, Howard Rybolt, Colfax Sanderson, corinne Bruner Smith, Thelma Harrison Sutton, Donald Walter, Max E. Wettstein, William Wilmott.

Teachers: Anne Bruce Boyd, Lois L. Burke, Eoline Everett May, Judson B. Walker.

Ralph Bassett, William Bliss, Ralph Boyd, Phyllis Buck, Mort Braswell, Marian Conkle, Ralph Crandall, Francis Donahue, Dudley Fields, Frances Fuller, Betty Geier, Katherine Welch Glass, George Gray, Elizabeth J. Greene, Mignon Hanna, Norma Hester, Erin Hinson, Katheleen Kelley, Erma Landis, Hilma Lystrom, Peggy Mangold, Patty Martin, Mary Mather, Lillian Miller, Phyllis Penley, Estella Rardin, John Rodgers, Caroline Stockmar, Mobley Thrasher, Frank J. Toles, Fred Verigan, Warren C. Young.

Alexander Akerman, David B. Alleman, Mrs. Max K. Aulick (Reba Walsh), Mrs. Edith Wilson Bailey, Ms. June Beauvais, Mrs. Crawford Bickford (Helen Rowe), Bernard Blackburn, Mrs. Russ E. Brumbaugh (Helen Hutchins), Mrs. Elliot Bryan (Viola Wilson), Richard Buckmaster, Mrs. Dale Coe (Hazel Coley), Mrs. Norbert Consonni (Halen Zane), Cecil B. Davis, Mrs. Curtis Farless (Pauline Bumby), Mrs. Raymond Finney (Edith Lilley), Mrs. Rosamond Evans French, Lawrence “Joe” Gentile, James B. Godfrey, Mrs. Juanita Rice Griggs, Mrs. Shine Hardman (Genevieve Eaddy), Mrs. Catherine Newbold Hall, Mrs. Kelly Hearron (Frances Vaughn), Mrs. Ewert Hendry, Mrs. Harold Hendry (Virginia Young), Kenneth Hoequist, Mrs. Robert M. Howard (Shirley Donnell), Mrs. George Hundley (Ruth Winfrey), Mrs. Melba Yates Hurt, Mrs. Elbert M. Ivey (Martha Somerville), Amos E. Jackson, Mrs. Irene Frese James, Wilbur James, Mrs. George B. Johnson (Addie Hull), Mrs. Kathryn Brinkerhoff Jump, Mrs. Frank Karel (Ursula Hill), Mrs. Sam Kat (Edythe Sigal), Robert J “Bob” Kieser, Mrs. Paul King (Louise Hulvey), Mrs. J. K. Langston (Dora Helen Rice), Mrs. Ellis P. Lavin (Mildred McNeill), Mrs. Al S. Leath (Eunice Berner), Mrs. Fred Lewter (Dorothy Hartridge, Ms. Jewel May Lewter, Vahan K. Magarian, Mrs. J. J. Majestic (Lillian Schwaner), Mrs. William S. Mills (Louise Aulls), Mrs. Nelson Menges (Elizabeth Hey), Edward B. Moyers, Daniel McKeever, Jr., L. J. Parham (Pam E. Roy), Mrs. Harold Pomeroy (Jeannette Appling), Mrs. Lizzie Mae Schofield Poole, Mr. Walter D. “Bo” Randall, Al O. Rausch, Mrs. Wilson M. Reed (Margaret Rush), Owen Rice, Bennett W. Richards, Mrs. Hansell Robertson (Frances Pomeroy), Dr. Hampton L. Schofield, Ernest Siewert, Mrs. LeRoy A. Slauter (Eleanor Krause), Mrs. Hershell G. Stuart (Laureda Lancaster), Paul Tavel, Mrs. Marie Row Taylor, Mrs. Henry True (Harriet Turner), Henry Clifford Wolking, Mrs. John Van Tuin (Esther Lieberman), Carl N. Ware.

Faculty: Mrs. Elma M. Smith, Mr. Leland Kirst, Mrs. Grace Bargeron Rambo.

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"OHS Sixty Years 1927-1987" Cover

Cover of the Orlando High School Class of 1927, 60th Reunion Memory Book. The 60th Reunion of the OHS Class of 1927...

Class of 1927 - 50th Reunion

Photograph taken of the Orlando High School Class of 1927 at their 50th Reunion!

Class of 1927 - 60th Reunion

Photograph taken of the Orlando High School Class of 1927 at their 60th Reunion!

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Las Memorias 1927-1977

Program from the 50th Reunion of the Orlando High School Class of 1927 which was held on October 8, 1977 at the Kahler Plaza Inn in Orlando, Florida.

It includes the Program from the June 3, 1927 graduating class, the 50th Reunion committee, faculty and guests,

Class of 1927 - Reunion List from 1978

List of all attendees at the 1978 event including name and address.

Class of 1927, 60th Reunion Memory Book - "OHS Sixty Years 1927-1987"

The memory book belonging to Robert Kieser, presented to all attendees at the Orlando High School Class of 1927 60th Reunion, May 16, 1887.

Includes photos of Judge Alex and Marion Akerman, Viola and Elliott Bryan, Pauline and Curt Farless, Fayne Ila Hendry, Sue and Wilbur James, Kathryn B. Jump, Mildred and Ellis Lavin, Jewel May Lewter, Agnes and Vahan Magarian, Jeanette A. Pomeroy, Lizzie Mae Poole and Dr. H. L. Schofield, Margaret and Wilson Reed, Frances P. Robertson, Paul Tavel, Marie R. Taylor, Harriet T. True, Leland Kent, Grace Bargeron Rambo and Edwin Rambo, Edith Wilson Bailey, Rosamond Evans French, Elizabeth and Robert J. Kieser, Esther Lieberman and John Van Tuin.

Las Memorias 1927-1987

Program for the 60th reunion of the Orlando High School Class of 1927 took place on May 16, 1987. The program includes names of the Class of 1927, those deceased, and those missing, the reunion committee members, menu served at the Harley Hotel on Rosalind Avenue and other events. 

Orlando High School - Miscellaneous Newspaper Articles 1927-1930

Collection of newspaper articles written by Robert "Bob" Kieser (Class of 1927) in the high school newspaper and other articles about the 1930 yearbook and 1930 graduating class. The articles were donated to the library by Bob Kieser and Betty Jo Stockton, son and daughter of Robert Keiser and his wife Elizabeth Stalder, who attended Orlando Senior High School.

OHS News April 1994 - Classes 1927-1952

From the front cover: "Welcome back to O.H.S. for the second nationwide reunion of the 26 classes which made the old Orlando High School the distinguished institution it was from 1927 to 1952. Nearly 4500 grads were mailed invitations to Homecoming II, and over 2000 are expected to attend."

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