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Bob Snow

It is impossible to capture everything about the man and his life in a single page, chapter, or even a single book, but  Bob Snow’s  website along with newspaper and magazine articles from the files at the Orlando Public Library provide a great introduction! One thing’s for certain – no matter how the story ends – his biography will be classified as an adventure!

A brief bio of Bob Snow (Robert James Snegosky)  published in the local Orlando newspaper after he shook things up with the opening of Rosie O’Grady’s, Apple Annies, Lili Marlene’s  as part of   grand plans for the Church Street Station entertainment complex. Read the article:   “6 footer with wide eyes,” “a Renaissance man –  the ultimate adventurer – with a Hollywood twist.”

Peruse additional stories about Bob Snow and his future plans.

1972 – Bob Snow’s plans for Church Street Station – Feb. 1, 1972, Home Edition of the Orlando Sentinel Star 

1976 – July 12 article in People Magazine entitled: Bob Snow is the Florida Barnum who can’t stand promoters

1976 – Nov. 28 article in Florida Magazine – Downtowners

1981 – Florida Magazine piece on Bob Snow entitled: Bob Snow. With the vision of a skypilot and the gusto of a barnstormer he turned downtown, uptown.

1984 Orlando Magazine article entitled: Bob Snow reveals his exciting  plans, dreams

1984 September 9 –  Orlando Sentinel article: Roasters barbecue Snow at dinner

1985 December 28 – Orlando Sentinel article entitled: Skywriter draws on skill when plane stops flying

1989 Orlando Sentinel article announcing Bob Snow’s departure from Orlando and his move to Las Vegas entitled:
Snow: Time to get off Orlando stage

Present Day – For a look at what Bob Snow’s accomplished in the past and what he’s planning for the 
You’ll find photos of old friends – people and venues – bios and more.

Peruse documents and images under Attachments.

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Bob Snow Bio Photo

Bio of Bob Snow published on Bob Snow after he shook up things in Orlando with the creation of Church Street Station...

Skywriter draws on skill when plane stops flying - Bob Snow - December 1985

Article published in the December 28, 1985 edition of the Orlando Sentinel Metro Final entitled: Skywriter draws on skill when plan stops...

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Bob Snow - Bio

Brief bio published in the local Orlando newspaper about the man who created Church Street Station. Here's a short excerpt from the bio:

He hunts the most ferocious animals on earth with his arsenal of rare shotguns. ... He stockpiles hundreds of elegant, precious antiques as if they were going out of style . . . again.
And he refuses to build from the ground up in the suburbs of any city. He's a believe in downtowns.

That's where old time values were born. Where buildings were once crafted like pieces of sculpture. Where beauty and antiquity cry out for recognition."Everything here is real," he says, using Church Street as an example. "The bricks are real, The building has a sense of history. You can't duplicate authenticity."

Bob Snow's Plans for Church Street Station
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Bob Snow is the Florida Barnum who can't stand promoters

People Magazine article in the July 12, 1976 edition entitled: "One the Move : Bob Snow is the Florida Barnum who can't stand promoters."

Bob Snow - Downtowners - 1976

Florida Magazine article  published with the November 28, 1976 edition of the Sunday Sentinel Star,  entitled "Downtowners" about Bob Snow and others who reside in the downtown area.

Bob Snow - Florida Magazine

Bob Snow: With the vision of a skypilot and the gusto of a barnstormer he turned downtown, uptown. Article in Florida Magazine on Bob Snow by Jeffrey Zaslow. Includes of Bob Snow and his wife Nancy.

"Wilmer Mitchell, Snow's legal counsel, remembers a day in 1972: We pressed our noses up against the glass where Rosie's is now and all I saw was a shambles and all he saw was a dream. He turned to me and said, 'Isn't it beautiful?' just as I was getting ready to turn to him to say, "This is awful.' But do you know what he described for me exactly what you see when you go down there at night now. Exactly."

Bob Snow - Orlando Magazine June 1984

Four page article entitled: Bob Snow reveals his exciting plans, dreams : Here, for the first time, are some of the amazing details of the Church Street hotel where people will actually sleep in old railroad cars.

Bob Snow : Time to get off the Orlando stage

Article in the Orlando Sentinel, pp. A1, A6) announcing Bob Snow's departure from Orlando and Church Street Station.

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