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Dolores Pieper

Above:  1977 NRL ID photo

Dolores A. Pieper

Dolores A. Pieper worked in the Technical Information Office in the Underwater Sound Research Division of the Naval Research Laboratory (USRD-NRL) in Orlando with physicists Rodger N. Capps, Vincent Benedetti and Robert J. Bobber, Sr., and many others.

Dolores was responsible for editing the physicists’ papers and books for publication. One of the works she edited was the September 1989 book entitled, “Elastomeric Materials for Acoustical Applications” by Rodger N. Capps, published for the Naval Research Laboratory.


ABOVE: “Elastomeric Materials for Acoustical Applications”
by Rodger N. Capps, edited by Dolores Pieper. VIEW Larger Image.
Dolores was born in 1932 in Beech Grove, Indiana and graduated from Beech Grove High School in 1952. She started her civil service career in 1952 as a clerk typist GS-3, for the Assistant Inspector of Naval Materials Indianapolis office. From there she worked for the Naval Ordinance Plant, at the FAA, at the FHA, until moving to Orlando in 1963 to take the position at the USRD-NRL.
Dolores continued her education while working full time at NRL and raising her daughter. She received her A.A. from Valencia Junior College and her B.S. in Business Administration from Rollins College in 1975.
Dolores’ daughter, Dee Johnson, remembers being in grade school when her mother started working at the lab.
“It was quite an operation and very secure. Many times the school bus driver would drop me off at the guard shack where the guards were kind enough to let me sit quietly and do homework until the tour was out.”
ABOVE: Graduation Day – Rollins College 1975.
Dolores transferred in 1991 to Los Angeles as Technical Information Specialist, GS-11 (Physical Sciences) – Defense Technical Information Center until her retirement in 2000.
ABOVE: Farewell to Dolores, The Unscrambler, August 23, 1991.  VIEW Larger Image.
Dolores passed the baton for civil service to her daughter who served in the U. S. Postal Service for 32 years retiring as Postmaster, and her granddaughter Dana who is currently a Program Support Specialist with the Army Expeditionary Civilian Work Force at Camp Atterbury, Indiana, where she has served for 13 years.

Dolores moved back to Indiana in 2000 to be closer to her family and currently resides in Franklin. To this day she talks about many fond memories of working at NRL and the relationships established with many co-workers. Amazingly, she kept every single personnel action record, pay record, training record, awards and recognitions from 1952 to 2000 and several photo albums of the many employees and ceremonies from the Naval Research Lab.


ABOVE: 1981 Letter of Appreciation from J. E. Blue, Acting Superintendent USRD. VIEW Larger Image.

Testing Equipment

The three images below, from the personal collection of staff member Dolores A. Pieper, are of some of the testing equipment in use when Dolores worked at the Underwater Sound Research Division of the Naval Research Laboratory in Orlando.

Photos courtesy of Dolores A. Pieper.


Dolores still has several photo albums of the many employees and ceremonies from the Naval Research Lab. The photo below features colleagues at the 1978 Christmas Party: Lacey, Evans, Michael, Owsley, Paine, Bobo, Hill, Kieser, Moswell, Kinney.

Photo courtesy of Dolores A. Pieper.

Robert Bobber’s Retirement Celebration

ABOVE: Robert Bobber receiving medal.
ABOVE: Dolores Pieper and Robert Bobber.
ABOVE: Lou Beatty and Claude Sims.
ABOVE: Vincent Benedetti and Robert Bobber.

Many thanks to Dolores A. Pieper’s daughter Dee Johnson for sharing her memories and her mother’s photographs with Orlando Memory for this post.

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