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Dorothy Marie Johansson

Dorothy Marie Johansson was born August 3, 1924. She  had a little sister named Barbara and graduated from Orlando Senior High School  in 1942.

She was the daughter of Roslyn Holloway of Pavo,  Georgia and Karl Gunnar Johansson  who came to the United States from Falkenberg, Sweden, arriving in New York on September 16, 1922 aboard the vessel Drottingholm.

Karl applied for citizenship in the Court of the Southern District of New York on January 6, 1933. It is not known how this Swedish immigrant met and married Roslyn Holloway born in Pavo, Georgia, but it must be an amazing tale.

Dorothy married Lt. Robert Eugene Rhoades on July 28, 1944, shortly after her graduation from Orlando Senior High School and his return from the Mediterranean Theatre of War. The wedding announcement  and a photo of the beautiful  bride and groom was published in the Sunday Sentinel August 5, 1944.

Dorothy’s  short obituary on provided little insight into her life:

Rhoades, Dorothy age 86 of Lebanon, PA, formerly of Ludlow Falls passed away on Wednesday, January 19, 2011 at Cedar Haven Nursing Home, Lebanon, PA. Graveside services will be held at 11:00 A.M. on Monday, March 14, 2011 at Riverside Cemetery, West Milton. Arrangements are being handled by the Hale-Sarver Funeral Home, West Milton.

The photo of Dorothy on her wedding day was found by Christi Malone in her mother’s possessions when she died in 1996. Since that day, Christi has been trying to locate the family of Dorothy to return the photo. On June 12, 2014, Dorothy’s sister Barbara was found by the author of this post, and the photo was returned to the family.

Through her mother, Roslyn Holloway, Dorothy is related to ABC Liquor founder Jack Holloway – Roslyn’s brother.

Barbara Johansson can also be found in Orlando Memory in the 1947 Orlando Senior High School Yearbook.

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Dorothy Johansson - Rhoades

Wedding photo of Dorothy Johansson on her wedding day.

Dorothy Marie Johansson 1942 Yearbook

Dorothy Marie Johansson's yearbook photo - Orlando Senior High School, Class of 1942. The information with her photo indicates she participated in the...

Carl Gunnar Johansson Peitition for Citizenship

Dorothy Johansson's father, Carl/Karl Gunnar Johansson, born in Falkenberg, Sweden on November 20, 1900, filed his Petition for Citizenship on January...

Karl Johansson family - 1945 Florida Census

The 1945 Florida State Census shows the family of Karl Johansson: Karl, Rosalind [sic] and their daughter Barbara (Dorothy married the previous...

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Wedding of Dorothy Johansson and Robert Eugene Rhoades

The announcement of Dorothy Marie Johansson's marriage to Robert Eugene Rhoades was published in the Sunday Sentinel in August 1944 along with a beautiful photograph of the handsome groom and beautiful bride cutting their wedding cake.
Caption: Mrs. Robert Eugene Rhoades. Mrs. Robert Eugene Rhoades is the former Dorothy Johansson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Karl Johansson, whose marriage to Lt. Rhoades, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Rhoades of Greenville, Ohio, was an event of July 28 at St. Luke's Cathedral. Lt. Rhoades recently returned from the Mediterranean theatre of war.
Open the pdf file below and scroll down for the caption. It is the 5th caption under the photograph.

Jack Holloway Tribute

Tribute article published in the Orlando Sentinel June 20, 1994 (pp. A1, A7) on the occasion of the death of long-time and well-known Orlando resident Jack Holloway - brother of Roslyn Holloway Johansson - on June 18, 1994.

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