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11th College Park Historic Homes Tour, Palm Terrace, 2001

“With the opening of Palm Terrace the people of Orlando are offered the opportunity of purchasing homes of exceptional merit, situated in an ideal location and surrounded by an environment of dignity and refinement.” August 1925 publicity predicted a sell-out because of the moderate prices ($750 to $3250), imported palms and other tropical landscaping, and three parks plus a garden plot near the boat and bathing pavilion. The development “offers combined speculative and homebuilder’s appeal.”

That was the language of the Florida Land Boom. Its demise, followed by the Depression, meant that many dreams were not realized. By 1947, Palm Terrace developer Carl Tegder could count only about 30 of the 100 homes he had predicted. Thus Palm Terrace today displays homes from the 1920’s through the 1990’s. Through the years, it has remained a special place with a special history.

Introductory excerpt from:

11th College Park Historic Homes Tour, Palm Terrace, 2001 (View document.)

House Tour Addresses:

1. 1025 Eastern Way

2. 1015 Eastern Way

3. 1001 Eastern Way

4. 1154 Western Way

5. 1147 Western Way

6. 1134 Western Way

7. 2528 Reading Drive

8. 1019 Bryn Mawr Street

9. 2424 Reading Drive

10. 2420 Reading Drive

Also noted:

1133 Bryn Mawr Street

Notable names mentioned include: Doris E. and Frank J. Baker, Abbie and Joseph Edward Brown, Louise and William Chace, Maxie and James Cinnamon,  Arthur Dacre, Gladys and Joseph A. Day, Mildred and F. Earl DeLoe, Helen T. Divine, Blaine Edwards, Celia and Leo Essex, E.H. and Norma Gonder, F.A. Hiegel, Iris and J. Gordon Johnson, Winifred Gonder, Jane Martin Groover, Fannie H. and Marion Jeffries, Charlotte and James F. Kimball, Maurice Kressly, Thomas and Blanche G. Lineberry, J. Burt Martin, Doris and Wilson McGee, Virginia and William McNary,  Jack Moranz, Mary S. and James Moriarty, Laura and Charles Perry, L.S. Peterson, Ormund Powers, Marda and Gorge Salisbury, Walter M. and Marie Sanders, Sol M. Selig, Mary and Carl Tegder, Fred and Lucille Tegder, Betty Williams, Elsie and John S. Williams, W. Frank Williams, Roy and Ella Williamson,

Document courtesy of the College Park Neighborhood Association Historical Committee.

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