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Albert Drug Store, Established 1939-1992

Menus from Albert Drug Store which was located at 2201 Edgewater Drive in College Park, established 1939-1992. College Park Historical Society of Orlando archives include a 1971 menu, a 1992 menu, and an advertisement for an Orlando Remembered event, Fountain Follies on June 19, 1992 at the closing of this Orlando landmark. College Park resident Bertie Martin Hunt enjoyed the last milk shake, a chocolate one, as she sat at the Albert Drug Store counter facing Edgewater Drive in 1992. 

Archives courtesy of the College Park Historical Society of Orlando.

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Comments to “Albert Drug Store, Established 1939-1992”

  1. Albert H says:

    I worked at Kirstein & Son Printers as a typographer on Linotype machine in the print shop in back of the Hallmark Card Shop in the early 1970’s. I moved my young family, including my wife and 2 kids and my mother to Florida from Illinois. Vernon and his wife Mina and son Bill were very gracious in helping us get settled in our new home. It was there that we learned about the Seventh-day Adventist Church doctrine including the Sabbath day (Saturday) when the shop was closed for the Holy day of worship as established by God in the 4th Commandment. I am a retired minister now living in Oklahoma, but my children still live in Florida. The 1970’s were exciting years in Florida with the Apollo launches which we witnessed in person and the opening of Disney World in 1971.

  2. Mary Lou Rogers says:

    I frequented Albert Drug Store while attending Edgewater High School I was there that final day for best Cheeseburger in town!!!

    • Kim P says:

      Greetings Mary Lou! Thank you for visiting Orlando Memory and telling us about the Cheeseburgers at Albert Drug Store! I miss the lunch counter food at my local drug store, too! They had the best fountain drinks, ice cream floats and BLTs. So sad those days are gone. We hope you find other posts on Orlando Memory that bring back memories of days gone by. THE ORLANDO MEMORY TEAM

  3. Herb says:

    That menu from 1971 makes me feel better. Seeing this was titled Albert Drug Store kind of threw me, we always called it Albert’s, and I see I wasn’t wrong. My favorite memory about it was going there at the beginning of each Summer to get a new beach towel. (or sand bucket, or float….)
    I loved how you parked out back and came in that way, as opposed to the street. My other favorite store on that block was the Hallmark store (I believe it was Kirstin’s?). When you came through the back door, you passed all the running printing presses…. the smell of the ink, great memory, though no Hallmark store ever lived up to it after that.

    • Kim P says:

      You have a great memory! The Hallmark store was part of Kirstein & Son Printers at 2211 Edgewater Drive. According to their listing in the telephone book Yellow Pages, it was owned by W. Vernon Kirstein, and they had a full line of Hallmark greeting cards. Thank you for visiting Orlando Memory and sharing your memories of Orlando. We hope you find posts that bring back fond memories of the “good old days.” ORLANDO MEMORY TEAM

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