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College Park Neighborhood Association Dubsdread Area Historic House Tour, 1991

The Dubsdread area got its start in 1923 with the founding of the White Stag Golf Course, later known as Dubsdread allegedly because golfers dreaded to dub (miss) a shot on this difficult golf course.

Prominent real estate man Hanford Carl Dann was a leader in founding the course, and in developing the land around it. The subdivision plat for Golfview, filed in 1923 by Dann, W. Davis Rogers, and other incorporators of the Orlando Golfers Association, shows the course lying north and south of Par and surrounded by several hundred lots. In 1924 the Association made a small addition to Golfview. Later in 1924 Dann subdivided Dubsdread Heights and Dann’s Addition to Golfview and, in early 1925, Dubsdread Addition.

South of Par, the original Golfview extended east only as far as Greens and in early 1924 other developers filed the Anderson Park subdivision, which included the land from Greens to the east side of Oberlin, and the Bonita Park subdivision, east to Formosa. From 1926 to 1938, seven houses were built along Par between Greens and Harrison. An Orlandoan who grew up in the Dubsdread area in the 1930s remembers this section as “Evanston Row”, all but one of the residents having moved from that Chicago suburb.

Dann’s Ranch where the Dann House stands today is a 1935 replat of part of the Anderson Park subdivision.

In all of these subdivisions, people would buy one lot or many, on which houses might be built at once or years later. And in recent years several large houses on multi-lot properties have been demolished for redevelopment thus the Dubsdread area contains houses from the 1920s to the 1990s…

Introductory excerpt from:

The College Park Neighborhood Association Dubsdread Area Historic House Tour, November 3, 1991. View document: Historic Homes #1 -1991.

Dubsdread Area House Tour Addresses

1. 3312 Eagle Boulevard

2. 3001 Eagle Boulevard

3. 510 W. Par Street

4. 3206 North Greene Avenue

5. 16 East Par Street

6. 303 Dubsdread Circle

7. 3600 Midiron Drive

8. 375 Niblick Avenue

9. 701 Driver Avenue

10. 766 Greens Avenue

11. 770 Greens Avenue

12. 3405 Pinetree Road

Notable names include: Joe Boyd, Dennis M. Cone, Carl C. and Bernice Craig, Carl Dann, Louise Dann, Dr. Spencer Folsom, Walter K. and Sybil M. Fletcher, Nancy Greenlee, Harold Hair, R. V. Hardeman, Rick and Ann Hovarter, Clarence A. and Helen Johnson, Bob Jones, Sam A. and Mable June, Dorthy Kiehl, Howard C. Kiehl, Reginald H. and Ruth Lang, Loomis C. Leedy, Rev. Oswald Littleford, W. A. McCree, Albert Douglas Mallory, Dr. L. Meredith Mallory and Mary Mallory, Dr. W. Fred Mathers, John Moore, Laura Phelps, Frederick A. and Bette H. Preller, Morgan Price, Billy A. Puryear, Bill and Charline Ritinski, Ryan S. Robinson, Nicholas and Mitzi Serletis, Hayward Shacklett, Lorne Smart, Sam Stoltz, Chester Tomlin, Clara M. Tracy, Bertram S. and Ada M. Voorhees, Thomas Picton Warlow, Sr., Cyrus J. Wilson, Sir Christopher Wren

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