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Haberkamp Family of Pine Hills

ABOVE: Marilyn Haberkamp with her sons Tim, Tom and Robert.


The Haberkamp Family in Pine Hills

Marilyn Haberkamp and her family moved to the Pine Hills area of Orlando from the Village of Mount Prospect, Illinois in 1966 to open a Burger Chef restaurant. The restaurant, in the new community of Pine Hills, opened on May 24, 1966 with the entire family working behind the counter – including their three young sons Tim, Tom and Robert. In 1982 Hardees bought out the Burger Chef franchise and a year later the Burger Chef became Hardees. They Haberkamp family has been very involved in the Pine Hills area ever since!


ABOVE: Tim Haberkamp

ABOVE: Marilyn Haberkamp


Haberkamp Burger Chef and Hardees on Silverstar Road


ABOVE: Photographic history of the Haberkamp family business at 5212 Silverstar Road in the Pine Hills area of Orlando. The family came to Orlando in 1966 and started running the Burger Chef the next day! In 1982 Hardees bought the Burger Chef franchise and in 1983 they said goodbye to Burger Chef and hello to Hardees! The entire family worked in the restaurant including all three boys! Tim said he worked there from the very beginning at only 9 1/2 years of age!


Forty Years Devoted To Pine Hills


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Hardee’s 46th Anniversary in Pine Hills


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ABOVE: This is their Hardees as it looks today! It is still located at 5212 Silverstar Road in Pine Hills community in Orlando.


Interview with Tim and Marilyn Haberkamp

Listen to and watch this two-part interview with Tim and Marilyn and Haberkamp conducted by Ken Gibert at the Hiawassee Branch Library on January 10, 2013.





Remembering Customers and Managers of Haberkamp Hardees

These are some of the wonderful Hardees customers of the past. Most of these folks are gone now, but not forgotten!!
Doris Cater, Sherry and Butch Scott, Jamie Santos, Paul Unger, Evelyn, Donna and Bill Long, John and Betty Hurtt, Betty Serchert, Killy Samuels, Martha Sietz, Ginny Stevenson, Fran and Woody Helms, Myrtle and Ed Sandlin, Walter and Letha Holmes, Lester Andrews, Sophie and Lionel Mongeau, Lee, Michael, and Donna Dellarocco, Marie, Clyde, and Brent Schaffer, Martha and Don Bridges, Ted Moo, Nancy and Davide Johnson, Mary Ann Piccafollo, Dorella Brown, Joanne Andray Lamb, Wilma and Don Heidler, Hazel and Martha Hoskins, Danny, Kate and Chris Wilkerson, Dana, Kate, Lauren and William Tyndal, Sonny and Donna Greenfield, Darlene and Howard Nutt, Polly Lucas, Roger Higgs, Joe and Libby Harris, Pappy and Bobbie Parlett, Cleo and Everette Richards, Nora and Jerry Dzanisous, Rick Cowles, Charles and James Jasperson, Jim and Glenda Hataway, Frank and Sarah Hoeltke, Glenda and Sheldon Halston, Landon and Bronson Rodrigues, Janet Brumbley, Dorothy and Ori Hansen, Wanda Garrett, Mel Levitt, Walter Tucker, Retha Dicks, Howard and Lea King, Allan and Rhoda Good, Jim Elma Haynes, Helen and Rueben Marx, Georgette Broyles, Harold Wilson, Bill Friendly, Jackie Boyce, Ad and Aldorrah Black, Herb and Wilma Branson, Don and Lorraine Greer, Lorraine Wilson, Audrey Moo, Susie Johnson, Thornton and Margie Higgins, Jack and Mary Lou Conney, Tony and Jolene Karivakiros, Evevly Crosby, Gene and Helen Howard, Paula Pickering, Jeannie Campbell, Suzie Boucher, Robert Galloway, Frank Quinn, Ethel Sporeledger, Lawrence Fawcett, Jan Hirris,Irma Fricke, Pastor and Margie Kutz, Dennis Kelly, Lenny Lindstrum, Gene and Margaret Simpson, Jim and Rose Jones, Walter and Petty Francis, Robert Sandlin
I would be remiss if I did not mention some of the wonderful managers we have had at this store over the years.  They include Bill Trotter, Brenda Horton, Eugene Barnes, Tom Haberkamp, Rick Christener, Kim Waterworth, Janice Hollihan, Mark Johnson, Walden Madura, Guerdy St. Jacques, James Boys, Mauricio Londono, Teresa Okefferrell, Jerry Begley, Tamara Smith, Anne Newell, George Holbrook, David and Darren Mercer, Greg Horton, Patricia King, E. J. Wilson, Tina Wellman, Marthe Camille, John McLeod, Kenny Thompson and Kerry Krause, Vern Williams.
Thank you all, past and present, for being my friends love forever,
Robert Whitaker.

In Memory of Marilyn Haberkamp

Mrs. Marilyn Haberkamp was born on July 19, 1930 and passed away on January 9, 2021.

Watch A photographic tribute to Marilyn Haberkamp.


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Comments to “Haberkamp Family of Pine Hills”

  1. Robert Whitaker says:

    A tribute to Mrs. H with her countless thousands of holiday decorations from all through the calendar year. Mrs. H created an atmosphere of grace and beauty to go along with the great food and wonderful customer friends. I surely miss her, she had a heart of gold and she spread her love to anyone who entered the store. She would meet most people at the door with hugs and kisses. Her love and joy and her one-of-a-kind laugh got you into a great mood!! Her store parties were all absolutely terrific. She put her heart and soul all the times she decorated the store. She worked with us and at every party you better believe she dressed up very pretty, also got in the party spirit herself with some great outfits — see her at St. Patrick’s Day. Anyway, she left this world a better place for all of us knew and loved her!! All my love to her memory. Robert T. Whitaker

  2. Robert Whitaker says:

    I worked at that store for 14 1/2 years as the back line supervisor. Tim and Mrs. H are wonderful people whom I love dearly. I listed 132 customers of the past whom I knew. I also listed 28 managers whom I worked with. I worked at Mrs. H side, so I knew her better than anyone except her family. She trusted me to let me into her homes. I was and still am their most loyal former employee. I helped get customer orders out, did much cooking in the kitchen, and supervised a crew to do the same. I think of Mrs. H as my second mother and miss her dearly. God bless you, Mrs. H for hiring me in 1985 and making me part of what worked in the store. Robert T. Whitaker. I am at 11:53 in that wonderful video tribute to Mrs. H.

    • Kim P says:

      Greetings Robert! Thank you for visiting Orlando Memory and leaving your message and tribute to Mrs. Haberkamp. She was certainly an amazing woman. We hope you find additional posts that bring back pleasant memories of the “good ole days” in Orlando.

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