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Historic Homes Walking Tour: The College Streets of College Park Brochure

College Park developed as a neighborhood within the city of Orlando. The name did not come from a college. It originated with a developer, Walter Rose, who named streets after Ivy League colleges in 1921. In 1925 another development company, CABCO, named the first of their subdivisions College Park… excerpt from the Historic Homes Walking Tour The College Streets of College Park Brochure.

Homes included in the brochure:

1. 1030 West Princeton Street

2. 1101 West Princeton Street

3. 910 West Princeton Street

4. 728 West Princeton Street

5. 736 West Princeton Street

6. 815 West Princeton Street

7. 919 West Princeton Street

8. 901 West Smith Street

9. 921 West Smith Street


Brochure courtesy of the College Park Neighborhood Association.

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