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Infinite Mushroom – Colonial Plaza

The Infinite Mushroom at Colonial Plaza

During the 1960’s and 1970’s the Infinite Mushroom was where you went for concert tickets, black light posters and apparently unbeknownst to me (I was rather naive at the time) various paraphernalia used by “Hippies!” I went there for the cool beaded curtains, incense, rock posters, and tie dyed clothing. It was off Bumby near the intersection with Robinson on the far south east side of Colonial Plaza area.

It was not until 1972 that I realized what the shop was all about. Some friends of my parents were visiting from South Carolina and their 17 year old son asked me about the Infinite Mushroom. I was surprised that he knew of it, but was happy to take a drive from Leesburg to the big city in my MG Midget.

We visited the store, he made a purchase, and we headed back when I became aware that he was a smoker (not cigarettes). He had apparently needed some paraphernalia and was ready to enjoy a good smoke while we were stuck in traffic on Aloma Avenue with the MG top down!

Needless to say, he did not smoke in my car and I reported his bad habit to his parents when we returned home. That was the day I realized that the Infinite Mushroom was a popular and well-known “head shop” and I never returned again.

WLOF Channel 95 – Top 40 List February 28, 1970

The WLOF Top 40 pamphlet with the top hits from February 28 to March 6, 1970 mentions Infinite Mushroom as a location to purchase concert tickets.

Check out these photos from the original Infinite Mushroom on Edgewater.

Pat O’Day – Emergency Broadcast System

WLOF DJ Pat O’Day created the best ever Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) test.  It is EPIC!


The Infinite Mushroom finally closed in 2004.

Comments from the original Orlando Memory site

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WLOF Top 40 - February 1970

WLOF / Channel 95 AM Radio Top 40 list for the week of February 28 thru March 6, 1970. The weekly top 40...

WLOF Top 40 - February 1970

WLOF / Channel 95 AM Radio Top 40 list for the week of February 28 thru March 6, 1970. The weekly top 40...

Comments from original Orlando Memory site

Comments from the original Orlando Memory web site.

Comments from original Orlando Memory site

Comments from the original Orlando Memory web site.

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Comments to “Infinite Mushroom – Colonial Plaza”

  1. Tina says:

    Spent many dollars & hours in the Infinite Mushroom

    • Kim P says:

      Greetings Tina! Thank you for commenting on the Infinite Mushroom post on Orlando Memory. I was making $1.10 an hour and spending most on gas for my MG Midget, pizza at Shakey’s Pizza and incense, posters and concert tickets at the Infinite Mushroom! We hope you find additional posts that bring back memories of the good old days! THE ORLANDO MEMORY TEAM

  2. Captain Kirk says:

    My first job after moving to Orlando in the mid 70’s was at the Mushroom … Working for Bucky who to this day claims he didn’t know what the pipes and papers were for …

    • Kim P says:

      How funny! I was very naive at the time, too. If you find any old photos of the exterior or interior of the shop, we’d love to post them! Thanks for visiting Orlando Memory and reminiscing with us! THE ORLANDO MEMORY TEAM.

  3. Lee Gilley says:

    I loved the shop in ’76 while in the Navy. Got my favorite T shirt of all time there. Great place. Truly an Orlando landmark.

    • Kim P says:

      Greetings Lee! Thank you for visiting Orlando Memory and commenting on the Infinite Mushroom post. It was definitely the place to go for teens looking for cool posters, incense, and band T-shirts! We hope you find other posts that bring back fond memories of your time in Orlando! ORLANDO MEMORY TEAM

  4. Bradford L Lewis says:

    I used to be a regular customer at the IM. Never bought a concert ticket there however…

    • Kim P says:

      Thanks for visiting the Infinite Mushroom post on Orlando Memory! We used to go there whenever we came to Orlando to go shop at Colonial Mall. I bought incense and T-shirts and sometimes, posters. I wish I had some photos of the shop, especially the black light posters. We hope you will find more posts that bring back happy Orlando Memories! ORLANDO MEMORY TEAM

  5. Charles Illian says:

    I remember when I worked in the kitchen at Colonial Lanes Bowling, I would walk to Infinite Mushroom on pay days and buy black light posters and lots of incense. I bought my first strobe light there, took it back to the restaurant and while I was mopping the floor in the kitchen, I turned off the kitchen lights and turned on the strobe. The waitresses in the dining area didn’t know what was going on. They didn’t know what a strobe light was. I was told to turn the light off and get back to mopping. I also would buy really cool shirts there (Infinite Mushroom).

    • Kim P says:

      Thank you for sharing your memories of the Infinite Mushroom on Orlando Memory! That must have been hysterical to see the faces of the waitresses trying to figure out what was happening when you turned off the lights and turned on the strobe light! Wish I could have witnessed that! Hope you find more posts on Orlando Memory and share more memories.

  6. Kim says:

    You are correct, sir! I did not and still do not smoke, imbibe in fermented beverages, or use illicit drugs. It was crazy back then. Every time you’d go to a concert at the Eddie Graham Sports Stadium, people would be passing around nasty joints in roach clips to share with people – gross! I would tell them, “No thanks. I have asthma.” I remember one stoned guy turning around and saying, “It’s good for asthma, man.” Again, GROSS!

  7. Jay says:

    I think you would have been considered “square” back then lol

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