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Loch Haven Park

Proposed Plan for the Development of Loch Haven Park

The 72-page “Report and Recommendations for the Development of Loch Haven Park  – A Park and Cultural Center Proposed for the City of Orlando, Florida” was submitted to the city in January 1956.  The proposed site plan with recommendations were adopted by the Loch Haven Park Board in December 1955.

ABOVE: Alternate location for possible Carillon.

Lloyd Hoover Galiher, landscape architect, site planner and planning consultant for the project, created a comprehensive and detailed site plan for the proposed development.

ABOVE: “Stitched” together site plan. VIEW larger image.

Loch Haven Park Boundaries

The proposed 45 acre park, would be bounded by Camden Road on the west, Rollins Avenue, the Florida Sanitarium and Lake Estelle to the north. It would extend beyond Mills Avenue on the east to encompass Lake Rowena and would extend beyond Formosa Drive on the south, would be the largest single park area within the Greater Orlando area – developed or undeveloped.

ABOVE: Vicinity map showing locations accessible through the chain of
lakes from Loch Haven Park including Mead Gardens and Rollins College.

Proposed Amenities and Recreations

The proposed park amenities and participating organizations were to include: the Orlando Garden Club – garden center, a planetarium sponsored by the Astronomy Society, the Museum of Nature and Mankind, The Orlando Art Association, a future gallery and studios, Future Art Gallery, Orlando Branch Library with outdoor patio, Orlando Players – Little Theater, Orange County Antiquarian Society, Carillon Tower, North Orlando Optimists, and a music hall – auditorium with sculpture fountains, a pool garden, terrace and banquet facilities, Memorial Garden.

The Loch Haven Park Board envisioned a number of recreational activities available at the park including: Gardening, Astronomy, Natural Science and the History of Mankind, Art, Reading, Drama, History, Antiques, Carillon Tower for inspiration, Nature Crafts for youth, Music, Picnic Area and a Youth Center providing recreation for teenagers. Beyond Mills Street there would be boating and canoeing.

Need for Development

As stated in the proposal, “With the super-normal increase in popular now an outstanding characteristic of the Orlando and Orange County area, with the resultant increase in congested living, this park area, properly developed, will become increasingly precious to the citizens of this area as the years progress.”

“In due time, the far-reaching influence of the cultural and educational opportunities to be provided in Loch Haven Park are bound to benefit, in one way or another, thousands of persons in the hinterlands of the Central Florida Region, and likewise many of the smaller communities surrounding Orlando will experience increasing benefits from this multi-million dollar cultural and recreational development…”


The report is part of the Florida Collection at the Orlando Public Library.

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