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Shakey’s Pizza

Do you remember Shakey’s Pizza on 17-92? How about the one on Orange Blossom Trail (Highway 441)?

I can’t quite place it, but I remember eating the best pizza ever at Shakey’s Pizza after concerts and football games. They had pin ball machines – the old school kind – and even a player piano. Even with all the diversions, the pizza was still amazing!

I can almost taste the pizza now!

Do you remember all the funny signs and notices?

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History of Shakey’s Pizza.

READ more about Shakey’s Pizza.

Comments from the original Orlando Memory site

Mentioned: Loch Haven Park, Edgewater High School, Colonial High School.

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Shakey's Pizza

One of the many funny signs inside Shakey's.

Shakey's Pizza Sign

Shakey's Pizza Parlor and Ye Public House

Comments from the original Orlando Memory site.

Comments from the original Orlando Memory site.

Shakey's Pizza in Orlando

Shakey's Pizza sign in Orlando.

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Comments to “Shakey’s Pizza”

  1. richard weingart says:

    I worked at the Orlando Shakey’s in the late 60’s stationed at McCoy AFB worked nights and weekends. Great fun

  2. JimTheSoundman says:

    I went to that Shakey’s a lot when I was a kid. I’ll look next time I’m over there and try to identify where it was. I’m sure it’s a different building now.

  3. V E D says:

    When I was coming up in Orlando there was a Shakey’s Pizza on Orange Blossom Trail that had great Pizza and showed the Old Three Stooges and the Laurel and Hardy Movie’s the good Ole days!!!

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