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The College Park Neighborhood Association 14th Annual Historic Homes Tour and 80th Anniversary of Dubsdread Golf Course, 2004

It all began with Hanford Carl Dann (1885-1940), an Orange County native recognized by the Daily Sentinel in 1913 as one of the most active, valuable and responsible real estate men in town. An enthusiastic golfer, he was sure that northerners who enjoyed golf course communities at home would buy property where they could play year around. Dubsdread Golf Course and Country Club and Golfview and subsequent subdivisions were the result.

The investors who joined Dann in forming the Orlando Golfers Association (OGA) in June 1923 decided to call the course “Dubsdread”, dread of missing or “dubbing” a shot, to reflect the challenges of the Ross-inspired course. There’s a story that Dann and his cronies helped lay out the course by hitting shots through the woods and placing a sand trap wherever a ball fell.

Although its history and much of its original layout remain, the course has changed somewhat over the years. In the late 1930’s where the pro shop is today, artist / builder Sam Stoltz built Orlando’s second swimming pool. A riding stable occupied the current location of the 6th tee. Both facilities were removed in 1950. In 1991, the first and eighth holes were made more challenging.

When Dubsdread opened its first 9 holes in 1924, golfers and speculators had already bought lots in the new development…

Introductory excerpt from:

The College Park Neighborhood Association in conjunction with the celebration of the 80th anniversary of Dubsdread Golf Course presents its 14th Annual Historic Homes Tour, November 21, 2004. (View document.)

Home Tour Addresses Include:

1. 701 Driver Avenue

2. 3438 Fairway Lane

3. 3426 Fairway Lane

4. 430 Par Street

5. 440 Par Street changed to 3315 Greens Avenue

6. 420 Par Street

7. 400 Par Street

8. 408 Par Street

9. 412 Par Street

10. 424 Par Street

11. 3305 Greens Avenue

12. 3206 Greens Avenue

13. 380 Dubsdread Circle

14. 385 Dubsdread Circle

Notable people and places mentioned include: Gracia Andersen, Anderson Park, Frank L. Anderson, Grace Barr, Graham Barr, Harry W. Barr, Leal G. Barr, Patty Berg, Charlton Bourne, Harold Bourne, Lou Caine, Tom Camey, J. Carlton Camp and his wife Virginia Camp, H. Ring Clauson, Woodson P. Daniel, Jr., Hanford Carl Dann, Malcolm Davenport, Carl Morris Dann, Jimmy Demaret, John McKee Dolan, Walter A. Dun, Joseph Dyer, Ray Ellars, Evanston Row, George K. Gibson, James and Nannie Giles, Ben Hogan, Claude Harmon, Lester and Sarah Harris, Ken and Tressa Holdeman, Ray Horan, M. Karlson, Howard Kiehl, Maurice Kressly, Albin Kupfer, Charles A. Meyer, Max Osburn, Orlando Golfers Association, T.M. Otrich,  Simpson Penney, William T. and Mary Beth Rankin, Tom Sawyer, Charles and Jennie Scholey, Sam Snead, Sam Stoltz, Louise Suggs, Clara Tracy, Mike Tudor, Villa Farms, Judge Thomas Picton Warlow, Agnes B. Watrous, James S. Winn, Thomas W. Witherington, Babe Zaharias

Document courtesy of the College Park Neighborhood Association Historical Committee.

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